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Inspiring Career Moves that Might Trigger Your Resignation

Updated: May 22, 2019

How many workers do you know of that bounce out of bed and run to their workplace to get started with work?

Are you one of the few that really enjoy your occupation? It seems most people dread going to work. The reason is they are not doing what they are doing because they love what they do. It is because they are doing what they do, because they are getting paid.


“Nothing is Impossible, Once You Set Your Mind To It, With Enthusiasm and Persistency.”

When I was very young I enrolled in Tae Kwon Do. In the front of the school, was a banner that read "Jung-Sin-Il-Do-Ha-Sa-Bul-Sung", which is Korean and translates to “Nothing is Impossible, Once You Set Your Mind To It, With Enthusiasm and Persistency.”

Set Your Mind on Your Passion

If you are not currently 100% satisfied with what you are doing to occupy your time, it is passible that you are not earning nearly enough for doing it. If you work for an employer, then work passionately, If you are not at 100%, then you are doing a disservice to your employer.

Give your Employer 100%

“Employers buy knowledge from their employees at wholesale, and then re-sell it at retail for a profit.”

If you are not happy with your job as an employee, then perhaps you are interested in becoming your own employer and start your own business.

Self-Employment is Not for Everyone

Some people are simply destined to work for other people, because they just do not have the mind of an entrepreneur or a business owner. If that is you, then that is fine. Continue working a job and support yourself and your family

If on the other hand, you want to start your own income generating business then there no better time, than RIGHT NOW! Good luck!

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