Taking action without having a strategy and plan will leave you lost in the business abyss. To prevent you from spinning your wheels, we will share our experience to help you leverage resources and compress time to be more efficient and effective with the least amount of effort.

Our strategic consulting gives you the road map to move toward your objectives to reach your goals with ease and grace. It's like a GPS for business success. 


Our tradeshows and expos transform a venue into the ideal platform for people to meet people, connect and DO business.

These events are condensed into an optimal window of time for business owners and vendors to rapidly initiate meaningful conversation and establish relationships that result in mutually beneficial business exchanges.

Our flagship expo, the Minnesota EVENT Planners+Suppliers EXPO has helped us build a network of dependable professionals to provide our clients with the resources and planning that they can trust to bring satisfactory results. 


For many, the concept of Event Marketing is simply marketing an event. However, with Synergy Event Marketing it is much more. It is more so the strategy of leveraging a live event to market and promote a product, service or cause.

We get creative, strategic and resourceful to place our clients and customers in an experiential environment for their business principles to meet and connect with their ideal prospective clients, customers or partners.


Meeting and Event Suppliers!

Our team of specialists will help you to get Qualified Leads (Event Planners) with the online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and also SEO, video and content marketing methods. We focus on the business of Meetings, Conventions, Tourism and Special Events.

  • Lead Generation (Event Planners)

  • Facebook AD Strategies

  • LinkedIn Navigator Lead Generation

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Video Production (Drones and More)

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Collaborative Partnerships


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