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The Best Way to handle Negative Feedback

Updated: May 22, 2019

Don't take it personally. That's it! It's all about perception. You can "perceive" this input as "negative feedback" OR "constructive criticism". You choose.

What can be considered "negative feedback" is in actuality only someones personal opinion. A simple way to determine if the suggestion is of any value is to ask; "How does this benefit me, and the people around me". If it does not serve for the greater good, it is probably not worthy of your time or energy.

“There are three (3) ways to look at things 1) Your way, 2) Their way, or 3) Another way.”

Our brains tend to function in a duality reality. We tend to think in opposites. Up and Down, Left and Right, Hot and Cold etc.

Break Free of a Myopic Mindset

Most people have heard the phrase to "Think Outside of the Box". This is limited duality thinking of there is only and inside and outside of a box. What if you thought WITHOUT the box??

Good creatives are always thinking without limitations.

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