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Our clients range from owners of small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, vendors and suppliers of events, corporate event planners, association convention coordinators, fairs, festivals, city celebrations, and independent marketers. Let's Connect!



This client is a local Minneapolis designer and builder of modular and custom trade show displays. They were successful, but wanted to privately introduce a new product to the industry in a fast, affordable and effective manner.

AUDIENCE: Exhibit Managers.

OBJECTIVE: Introduce a new display with a built-in backlighted graphic.

We created an Open House event with an educational element. The event offered complimentary appetizers, a social hour for networking and a brief educational seminar on Effective Trade Show Exhibiting. 


The educator for the event was Mr. Ron Eccles. He was a neutral independent party so as not to add a biased opinion about the product, so it did not feel like just another "sales pitch", but more so, an actual educational opportunity to learn from an expert.

The back lighted graphic featured a very colorful image of an edible floral display. (which matched the printed postcard invitation) and also the display of appetizers that were on-site at the event.

This event introduced their existing customers to this new back lighted graphic product, and also very significant audience of new prospects.

There were multiple vendors that contributed synergistically to the project. In addition to the Display Builder and the Seminar Presenter, we had vendors of catering, photography, printing, large format graphics, advertising specialties, a robotic mannequin and magical entertainment. All of which were non-competitive and all of which could be a resource to the Exhibit Managers. 

It was a WIN, WIN WIN for everyone involved!



This client is a local Twin Cities entertainer living and working here Minnesota.

AUDIENCE: Corporate Event Planners.

OBJECTIVE: To show appreciation to the event planners and raise awareness of the client.

The invitations were sent to corporations such as Cargill, General Mills, 3M, Medtronic, Best Buy, Pillsbury and Honeywell. We created a social experience for them.

The venue was a local comedy club and a restaurant and bar that was adjacent to the comedy club. We arranged for the guests (event planners) to enjoy a complimentary Happy Hour Buffet with a variety of appetizers and sliced roast beef sandwiches.

After the Social Happy Hour the group was escorted on a very short walk to the Comedy Club, to seated in a VIP section for the evening show.

The cost of this experience for the client was the price of the envelops, stationery and postage stamps to mail the letters.

We got an 80% response from the mailing.

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